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Enzyme Repression

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Disease relevance of Enzyme Repression


High impact information on Enzyme Repression

  • These results rule out enzyme repression as a major factor in controlling arginine biosynthesis [2].
  • Under conditions of enzyme repression, however, the newly synthesized creatine phosphokinase appears to be enzymatically inactive [3].
  • The results show that NAPRTase is subject only to a modest degree of enzyme repression [4].
  • In addition, exogenous cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cAMP) resulted in enzyme repression [5].
  • Furthermore, based on the results of an experiment performed with animals that had been treated with a metabolic inhibitor, azacholesterol, it is suggested that the disappearance of these sterols may be due to enzyme repression instead of increased activity of the pathway [6].


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