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Nucleic Acid Conformation

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High impact information on Nucleic Acid Conformation

  • Bleomycin (BLM) binding and chemistry are apparently sensitive to differences in nucleic acid conformation and could conceivably be developed as a probe for sequence-dependent elements of conformation [1].
  • BBR3464 binding to different nucleic acid conformations raises the possibility that the adducts of single-stranded DNA and RNA may play a role in the different antitumor efficacies of this novel drug as compared with cisplatin [2].
  • The results obtained demonstrate that the formation of a covalently bound adduct in which anthramycin is attached to the N2 site of a guanine within a DNA fragment is accompanied by a considerable change in the nucleic acid conformation as confirmed by recent experimental evidence [3].
  • In order to study the dynamics of protein and nucleic acid conformations, a molecular folding-unfolding system (FUS written in Lisp) has been developed [4].


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