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Chemical Compound Review

Blenoxane     3-[[2-[2-[2-[[(2S,3R)-2- [[(2S,3S,4R)-4...

Synonyms: Bleocin, Bleomicin, bleomycin, Bleomicina, Bleomycins, ...
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Disease relevance of Bleomycins


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Chemical compound and disease context of Bleomycins


Biological context of Bleomycins


Anatomical context of Bleomycins

  • The peak TGF-beta levels preceded the maximum collagen and noncollagen protein synthesis measured by [3H]proline incorporation into lung fibroblast explants of bleomycin-treated rats [22].
  • The effects of bleomycin were associated with translocation of p53 from the cytosol to the nucleus only in alveolar macrophages that had been exposed to the drug in vivo, suggesting that the lung microenvironment regulated p53 activation [19].
  • A specific role for NO was demonstrated in experiments with inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS)(-/)- macrophages, which failed to demonstrate nuclear p53 localization after in vivo bleomycin exposure [19].
  • These results indicate that in response to bleomycin, the T lymphocytes induce, by an undefined mechanism, an increase of the pulmonary TNF production, which leads to alveolar damage, growth of fibroblast, and collagen deposition [16].
  • We have shown that transgenic mice expressing Streptoalloteichus hindustanus (Sh) ble bleomycin resistance protein in pulmonary epithelial cells in the lungs are protected against bleomycin-induced toxicity in lungs [23].

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Gene context of Bleomycins

  • Transient gene transfer and expression of Smad7 prevents bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis in mice [28].
  • In addition, we found that expression of Smad7 transgene blocked Smad2 phosphorylation induced by bleomycin in mouse lungs [28].
  • Treatment of bleomycin-exposed animals with specific neutralizing anti-CXCL12 Ab's inhibited intrapulmonary recruitment of CD45(+)Col I(+)CXCR4(+) circulating fibrocytes and attenuated lung fibrosis [29].
  • In this study, we show that BLM function is specifically required to properly relocalize the RAD50/MRE11/NBS1 (RMN) complex at sites of replication arrest, but is not essential in the activation of BRCA1 either after stalled replication forks or gamma-rays [30].
  • A large decrease in mosaic clone frequency is observed when Rrp1 overexpression precedes treatment with gamma-rays, bleomycin, or paraquat [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bleomycins


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