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High impact information on Oldenlandia

  • A common structural motif consisting of a cystine knot and a small triple-stranded beta-sheet has been defined from comparison of the 3-dimensional structures of the polypeptides omega-conotoxin GVIA (Conus geographus), kalata BI (Oldenlandia affinis DC), and CMTI-I (Curcurbita maxima) [1].
  • The cyclic polypeptide kalata B1 from the African plant Oldenlandia affinis DC consists of 29 amino acid residues with three disulfide linkages [2].
  • The fresh and dried leaves of two edible plants, Oldenlandia corymbosa and Dissotis rotundifolia have been assayed for their ascorbic acid content [3].
  • Iridoid glycosides isolated from Oldenlandia diffusa inhibit LDL-oxidation [4].


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