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High impact information on Breeding

  • RESULTS: Test breedings confirmed an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance [1].
  • The role of inflammatory and specific immune responses in pristane-induced arthritis (PIA) was investigated in mouse lines produced by bi-directional selective breedings for maximal (AIRmax) or minimal (AIRmin) acute inflammatory reaction, comparing the outcome of PIA and the humoral and cellular response to hsp65 [2].
  • The ratio of postcoital plugs to subsequent litters was 4.0 and 1.2 for Agt(-/-) and Agt(+/+) breedings, respectively (P = 0.03) [3].
  • Using an extended dosing regimen including dosing of both sires and dams, as well as placing a greater demand on reproductive system performance with three continuous breedings, this study detected only subtle neurobehavioral impairments in mice after prenatal AZT exposure at clinically relevant doses [4].
  • Several samples, coming from a steer treated with dexamethasone and from other bovines coming from breedings in northern Italy, were analyzed with the method described [5].

Associations of Breeding with chemical compounds

  • Conception rates for May breedings only were 16% in Control II and 88% in Light Treatment ewes [6].
  • However, prostaglandin F2 alpha offers the convenience of inseminating small groups of cows, controlling when breedings occur during the work week, and prolonging the elective waiting period without extending the calving interval [7].
  • Number of breedings required per female farrowed tended (P less than .12) to be less for females fed folic acid-supplemented diets (1.07 vs 1.16) [8].
  • 389 Ossimi ewes were given 45 days of flushing treatment with different protein levels (100%, 125%, and 150%) and different sources of protein (plant protein, fish meal, and urea) during a period of two years three weeks each before a mating season and with three breedings during that time [9].

Gene context of Breeding

  • Data were recorded in normal and postimmunization sera from the H and L lines produced by five independent selective breedings (selections I, II, III, IV, and V) [10].
  • In order to measure the reciprocal nonspecific effect of the genetic regulation of antibody responsiveness to bovine serum albumin (BSA) and rabbit gamma-globulin (RGG), two independent bidirectional selective breedings for responses to these two antigens were carried out: selection V/BSA and selection V/RGG respectively [11].
  • Selective breedings of mice were carried out for quantitative antibody responsiveness to flagellar Ag., f (Selection III) or somatic Ag., s (Selection IV) of two non cross-reacting Salmonellae (Salm. tm., Salm. or.) alternated for immunization of consecutive generations [12].


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