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Disease relevance of Exhumation


High impact information on Exhumation

  • The results are based on the retrospective evaluation of 46 exhumations performed at the Cologne Institute of Forensic Medicine in a 20-year period (1974-1994) and a review of the literature [2].
  • The application of new analysis techniques for the detection of pancuronium bromide in a series of aged exhumation tissues gave positive results and led to the resultant conviction of the therapist [3].
  • The CO2-rich fluids were trapped during exhumation along a clockwise P-T path following isothermal decompression under UHT conditions [4].
  • Eclogite exhumation from depths of approximately 75 km was extremely rapid and occurred at plate tectonic rates (cm yr(-1)) [5].
  • The decomposition of bodies and the decay of associated cultural materials, including clothing, personal ornaments, caskets, and grave goods, was investigated based on a series of exhumations on a small sand island on Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands. Decay data were documented for an interment period between 40 and 80 months [6].

Gene context of Exhumation

  • The exhumation of two victims of a light aircraft accident was performed in February 1991 at Oudtshoorn, Cape. The exhumation was ordered by the magistrate on request of the parents of one of the victims who suspected that their son had been wrongly identified at the postmortem examination [7].


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