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Countertransference (Psychology)

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Psychiatry related information on Countertransference (Psychology)


High impact information on Countertransference (Psychology)

  • Freud (1910/1957) defined countertransference as the emotional reaction of the analyst to a patient's transference [2].
  • The countertransference experienced here is dark, indeed identified by one author as not unlike Dante's Inferno [3].
  • Supervisors completed the Countertransference Factors Inventory (CFI) with regard to their supervisees [4].
  • The protagonist's 'countertransference love' crystallises around a rescue fantasy in which he is Orpheus striving to bring Eurydice back from Hades, or a Knight determined to behead an obscure Dragon endangering Beauty [5].
  • Re-evaluation of enactment in the countertransference has been particularly striking in calling for a re-evaluation of our ethic of technique, resulting in the construction of seven other qualities to be added to the classical technical triad [6].

Gene context of Countertransference (Psychology)

  • Other goals of creating an individualized patient model, making interventions, and monitoring countertransference are introduced but detailed discussion is left for Part II [7].
  • Lack of training around transference and countertransference issues with gay patients and lack of teaching about homosexuality in training programs contribute to the difficulties encountered in psychotherapy with gay people [8].
  • Technique and countertransference in Freud's analysis of the Rat Man [9].
  • 5. The Amida Complex, a model of the cultural pattern of countertransference and the feeling of omnipotence and need for praise in the therapist [10].
  • The author reconsiders Erikson's 'Dream specimen' paper as a forerunner of subsequent reader-response criticism, constructive writings on the exploration of countertransference and our contemporary debates about the constructions of meaning in the analytic and literary situations [11].


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