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Gene Review

CD96  -  CD96 molecule

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Cell surface antigen CD96, T cell-activated increased late expression protein, T-cell surface protein tactile, TACTILE
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Disease relevance of CD96


Psychiatry related information on CD96

  • The neuropsychological tests included: Tactile Naming Test (TNT), Same-Different Recognition Test (SDRT), and Tactile Finger Localization Test (intra- and intermanual tasks, TFLT) [3].
  • CONCLUSION: Tactile receptive communication is possible through the use of a mechanical device used to create tactile illusions [4].
  • A group of children (primarily learning disabled) was divided into analysis (n = 488) and cross-validation (n = 400) samples and the following measures were taken for both the LH and the RH Tactile Perception, Finger Agnosia, Fingertip Number Writing, Tactile Form Recognition, Finger Tapping, Grip Strength, Grooved Pegboard, and Mazes [5].
  • Fifteen school-aged boys with full-mutation FXS were assessed with three occupational performance measures (School Function Assessment, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, play duration) and three sensory processing measures (Sensory Profile, Tactile Defensiveness and Discrimination Test-Revised, Sensory Approach-Avoidance Rating) [6].
  • Adult performance on the Southern California Kinesthesis and Tactile Perception Tests [7].

High impact information on CD96

  • In this study, we show that NK cells recognize PVR through an additional receptor, CD96, or T cell-activated increased late expression (Tactile) [8].
  • We have identified and cloned cDNA for a novel cell-surface protein that we have named Tactile for T cell activation, increased late expression [9].
  • We here review current knowledge on these receptors, CD226, CD96 and CRTAM, and their role in tumor immunosurveillance [10].
  • RESULTS: Tactile stimulation of the vulvar epithelium initiates changes suggesting complex integrative mechanisms [11].
  • METHODS: Tactile temporal thresholds were measured in 61 MS patients during two separate test sessions within three weeks [12].

Biological context of CD96

  • Blood pressure X age interactions were seen for Trailmaking-B Test and the Tactile Performance Test-Localization for the primary sample [13].

Anatomical context of CD96

  • BACKGROUND: Tactile temporal thresholds are typically significantly higher (ie, prolonged) in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients when compared to controls and increase significantly during relapses, probably reflecting integrity of conduction across a portion of the corpus callosum [12].
  • RESULTS: Tactile SEFs in primary somatosensory cortex (SI) consisted of two deflections: N24mT and P55mT [14].
  • The study was conducted on 92 root canals selected from teeth advised for extraction to evaluate the efficacy of an electronic device (NEOSONO D-SE), Ingles method and Digital Tactile method for the measurement of working length of tooth [15].
  • Moreover two devices were used to evaluate the threshold: the Optacon Tactile Tester and the "multirod". Based on the characteristics of these devices and the known properties of mechanoreceptors, it is argued that the two devices test different mechanoreceptor systems [16].

Associations of CD96 with chemical compounds

  • In this condition the experimenter pointed out sequentially all the 11 decision points with a verbal description.In the Tactile Map Condition people handled a tactile map along the learning trial [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CD96


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