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Thioperamide, a histamine H3 receptor antagonist, powerfully suppresses peptide YY-induced food intake in rats.

BACKGROUND: Whether or not peptide YY (PYY)-induced hyperphagia is modified by the histaminergic system in the brain is not yet known. METHODS: We investigated the effect on feeding of intracerebroventricular (ICV) administration of a specific histamine H3 receptor antagonist prior to ICV administration of PYY in rats. RESULTS: PYY (1, 3, and 10 micrograms/10 microL) strongly induced feeding behavior in a dose-dependent manner in sated rats. The 4-hour food intake induced by 3 micrograms/10 microL of PYY was equal to that induced by a 16-hour fast. The ICV administration of thioperamide (40.8, 122.4, and 408.5 micrograms/10 microL) did not suppress the 4-hour food intake induced by 16-hour fasting; however, thioperamide produced dose-dependent and strong inhibition of hyperphagia induced by a 3-microgram dose of PYY. CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that the effect of PYY on appetite is different than that induced by fasting and may involve a histaminergic mechanism.[1]


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