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The essential role of yeast topoisomerase III in meiosis depends on recombination.

Yeast cells mutant for TOP3, the gene encoding the evolutionary conserved type I-5' topoisomerase, display a wide range of phenotypes including altered cell cycle, hyper-recombination, abnormal gene expression, poor mating, chromosome instability and absence of sporulation. In this report, an analysis of the role of TOP3 in the meiotic process indicates that top3Delta mutants enter meiosis and complete the initial steps of recombination. However, reductional division does not occur. Deletion of the SPO11 gene, which prevents recombination between homologous chromosomes in meiosis I division, allows top3Delta mutants to form viable spores, indicating that Top3 is required to complete recombination successfully. A topoisomerase activity is involved in this process, since expression of bacterial TopA in yeast top3Delta mutants permits sporulation. The meiotic block is also partially suppressed by a deletion of SGS1, a gene encoding a helicase that interacts with Top3. We propose an essential role for Top3 in the processing of molecules generated during meiotic recombination.[1]


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