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Retinitis pigmentosa, nanophthalmos, and optic disc drusen: a case report.

OBJECTIVE: Although the associations of retinitis pigmentosa ( RP) with nanophthalmos/microphthalmos and RP with optic disc drusen have previously been recognized, the concurrence of all three features, as far as the authors are aware, has not previously been reported. DESIGN: Case report. RESULTS: The authors report a sporadic case of nanophthalmos, RP, and optic nerve drusen with the additional complication of chronic angle closure glaucoma. CONCLUSIONS: Visual loss may be secondary to the complications of nanophthalmos, RP, or optic nerve drusen. Chronic angle closure may be caused by choroidal effusion with serous retinal detachment, which may, in turn, cause a pseudo- RP picture. It is therefore important to recognize the possible association of true RP with nanophthalmos as a cause for visual deterioration.[1]


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