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Stomatocytosis is absent in "stomatin"-deficient murine red blood cells.

To examine the relationship between erythrocyte membrane protein 7. 2b deficiency and the hemolytic anemia of human hereditary stomatocytosis, we created 7.2b knock-out mice by standard gene targeting approaches. Immunoblots showed that homozygous knock-out mice completely lacked erythrocyte protein 7.2b. Despite the absence of protein 7.2b, there was no hemolytic anemia and mouse red blood cells (RBCs) were normal in morphology, cell indices, hydration status, monovalent cation content, and ability to translocate lipids. The absence of the phenotype of hereditary stomatocytosis implies that protein 7.2b deficiency plays no direct role in the etiology of this disorder and casts doubt on the previously proposed role of this protein as a mediator of cation transport in RBC.[1]


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