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Gene Review

Stom  -  stomatin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Epb7.2, Epb72, Erythrocyte band 7 integral membrane protein, Protein 7.2b, Stomatin, ...
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Disease relevance of Stom

  • Despite the absence of protein 7.2b, there was no hemolytic anemia and mouse red blood cells (RBCs) were normal in morphology, cell indices, hydration status, monovalent cation content, and ability to translocate lipids [1].
  • Because the stomatin gene is expressed in dorsal root ganglion cells, the authors hypothesized that the knockout would have an effect on anesthetic sensitivity in mice similar to that seen in nematodes [2].
  • The increased chromosomal aberration frequency in mouse bone marrow cells observed at later sampling times after administration of Stomp into animals suggests that the induction of aberrations may be due to biosynthesis of genotoxic metabolites [3].

High impact information on Stom


Chemical compound and disease context of Stom


Biological context of Stom


Anatomical context of Stom

  • In normal 3T3-L1 adipocytes, we were unable to demonstrate an interaction between GLUT1 and stomatin in coimmunoprecipitation experiments [7].

Associations of Stom with chemical compounds

  • CONCLUSIONS: Nematodes and mice with deletions of the stomatin gene both have increased sensitivity to diethyl ether [2].
  • Neither nematodes nor mice with stomatin deficiencies have significantly altered sensitivity to isoflurane or halothane [2].
  • RESULTS: Stomatin-deficient mice had a 12% increase in sensitivity to diethyl ether but no significant change in sensitivity to halothane or isoflurane compared with wild type [2].
  • Despite this, there was little change in transport activity in glucose-deprived, stomatin-overexpressing cells vs. that in control cells [7].
  • Comparative genotoxicity of the herbicides Roundup, Stomp and Reglone in plant and mammalian test systems [3].

Other interactions of Stom

  • Stomatin is a poorly understood integral membrane protein that is absent from the erythrocyte membranes of many patients with hereditary stomatocytosis [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Stom

  • Rat stomatin cDNA was cloned by RT-PCR and found to be highly homologous to mouse (97%) and human (86%) stomatins [8].


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