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Cytologic detection of microsporidia spores in bile. A comparison of stains.

OBJECTIVE: To compare stains in preparations of bile in a patient with AIDS and microsporidial cholangitis. STUDY DESIGN: Bile was obtained from a 30-year-old male with AIDS and symptoms of cholangitis. Comparative staining of the specimen was performed using a formalin-fixed preparation stained with Chromotrope 2R stain and with alcohol-fixed preparations stained with Gram and Giemsa stain and Diff-Quik. An alcohol-fixed ThinPrep slide was stained with Papanicolaou stain. RESULTS: Diagnostic microsporidia spores were detected under oil immersion using Papanicolaou, Chromotrope 2R, Giemsa and Gram stain. The Diff-Quik-stained preparation also revealed microsporidia but with suboptimal morphology. CONCLUSION: Detection of microsporidia in bile can be achieved using several different stains routinely available to cytologists, most optimally with alcohol-fixed Papanicolaou- or Giemsa-stained preparations or with Chromotrope 2R stain, which is available in parasitology laboratories. These findings should be applicable to fluids from other body sites with this emerging pathogen in AIDS.[1]


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