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Chemical Compound Review

formalin     methanal

Synonyms: Aldacide, Formalaz, Lysoform, Morbicid, aldehydes, ...
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Disease relevance of methanal


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Chemical compound and disease context of methanal


Biological context of methanal


Anatomical context of methanal


Associations of methanal with other chemical compounds

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of HO-1 are thought to rely on the ability of this enzyme to degrade heme and generate bilirubin, free iron and carbon monoxide [31].
  • We report here that in rat the beta-adrenoceptor antagonist (-)propranolol reduces or abolishes the rapid increase of immunoreactive beta-endorphin levels during some stress stimuli (footshock, passive avoidance, restraint) but not during others (ether, formalin, laparotomy) [32].
  • Heme oxygenase (HO) enzyme activity results in the degradation of heme and the production of iron, carbon monoxide, and biliverdin [33].
  • Nitric oxide and carbon monoxide produce activity-dependent long-term synaptic enhancement in hippocampus [34].
  • There is limited direct evidence for changes in the earth's oxidizing capacity since recent preindustrial times when, because of industrial and population growth, increasing amounts of O3 precursor trace gases (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons) have been released into the atmosphere [35].
  • The factors that influence this dichotomy are discussed and a general mechanistic model is proposed for aldol reactions with alpha-heteroatom-substituted aldehydes [36].

Gene context of methanal


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of methanal

  • Transplantation of kidneys from a donor with carbon monoxide poisoning [42].
  • On each test day, subjects performed two symptom-limited incremental exercise tests on a treadmill; the tests were separated by a recovery period and 50 to 70 minutes of exposure to either room air or air containing one of two concentrations of carbon monoxide (117 +/- 4.4 ppm or 253 +/- 6.1 ppm) [27].
  • In this study, five of six macaques were protected against vaginal challenge when immunized with formalin-treated SIV in biodegradable microspheres by the intramuscular plus oral or plus intratracheal route [43].
  • Resonance Raman spectroscopy has been used to identify both C-O stretching and metal-CO stretching vibrations of the carbon monoxide adduct of the enzyme [44].
  • Such values can be extimated by dose-response analysis of several epidemiological studies and by extrapolation of blood concentrations at different rates of intake for certain smoke components, such as carbon monoxide [45].


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