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Volatility of propoxur from different surface materials commonly found in homes.

The purpose of this study was to determine the volatilization rates of propoxur from different surface materials commonly found in homes, and to conduct field measurements under ventilated and non-ventilated conditions. Since it is known that temperature, humidity and constant air flow most significantly affect volatility, various surface materials were sprayed using a constant amount of propoxur under the controlled conditions of an exposure chamber. Acetonitrile was used to desorb both XAD-2 resin that collected airborne propoxur and surface materials containing propoxur residue. HPLC was used to analyze propoxur concentrations. Based on multiple regression models, temperature most significantly affected volatility, followed by humidity. Volatilization rates of propoxur were highest from quartz surfaces and lowest from glass. Interaction was most readily found on glass surfaces based on humidity-air flow and humidity-temperature factors. In field applications, propoxur was sprayed in a room under two conditions with ventilation and without in order to measure the concentrations of propoxur in the air and on a quartz surface. Findings showed both airborne and settled concentrations peaked after a half hour then decreased under both conditions, both more sharply in the ventilated room. Under both conditions, no propoxur was detected on the quartz surface after three and a half hours but airborne concentrations remained detectable after thirty-three and one half hours. We conclude that to maintain good air quality, ventilation is important and special care must be taken when spraying insecticides on different surfaces.[1]


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