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Response to rubella immunisation education in health authority family planning clinics: a controlled clinical trial.

The response of women attending family planning clinics run by the Area Health Authority providing health education on protection against rubella (cases), was compared with those attending clinics with no specific educational provision (controls). The effectiveness of the intervention was determined by studying the number of women approaching their General Practitioner in the ensuing four months for serological testing to determine their immune-status. Of 174 cases and 170 controls registered with a General Practitioner, follow-up information was obtained on 164 (94%) cases and 155 (91%) controls. General Practitioners' records revealed pre-existing knowledge of serologically confirmed immunity or previous rubella immunisation in only 35 (21%) cases and 29 (19%) controls. In response to health education, 12 (7%) cases approached their GP on the subject compared with 3 (2%) controls - a small but significant difference (P less than 0.05) which was confined to women aged 25-29 years. This suggests that such a programme would fail to make a significant contribution to the prevention of congenital rubella.[1]


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