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Health Education

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Disease relevance of Health Education


Psychiatry related information on Health Education


High impact information on Health Education

  • INTERVENTION: Participants were randomly assigned to receive individualized counseling aimed at limiting the child's fat intake to 30% to 35% of daily energy, with a saturated:monounsaturated:polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio of 1:1:1 and a cholesterol intake of less than 200 mg/d (n = 540) or usual health education (control group, n = 522) [10].
  • The infection, which is transmitted by drinking water from ponds containing infected water fleas, was eradicated by using health education, cloth filters, and the cyclopsicide, temephos; and in the later stages, by case containment [11].
  • Treatment centered around use of perindopril (Coversyl, Servier), with other agents added to reach BP goals; attempts to control glucose and lipid levels; and health education [12].
  • DESIGN AND SETTINGS: Household-based health education intervention trial comprising a knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) survey at baseline, a health education intervention and a follow-up KAP survey [13].
  • CONCLUSION: The effect of reporting error on blood folate concentrations is important in interpreting survey results, evaluating health education campaigns, and identifying populations needing special education programs [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Health Education


Biological context of Health Education


Associations of Health Education with chemical compounds

  • The MCP [symbol: see text] Hahnemann School of Medicine requires all first-year students to work in the community on projects involving health education, needs and resource assessment, advocacy, outreach, and other community health skills [24].
  • However, many women still only begin taking folic acid after conception, despite current health education strategies [25].
  • We conclude that health education, developed along with community involvement, reduced opportunities for transmission of T. solium in the human-pig cycle [26].
  • Group I was given an anthelminthic (mebendazole), group II was provided with health education, group III was given an antihelminthic and provided with health education, group IV was given a placebo (controls), and group V consisted of egg-negative children, who also served as controls [27].
  • Strategies need to be region specific, based on activities to prevent blindness in the community--through measles immunization, health education, and control of vitamin A deficiency--and the provision of tertiary-level eye care facilities for conditions that require specialist management [28].

Gene context of Health Education

  • In the correlation model, cost of health education of community members had a weak relationship with PS1 (P = 0.0662) [29].
  • The COMA report "The Nutrition of Elderly People" recommended that elderly people should be targeted for health education programmes in order to maintain nutritional status in this group [30].
  • Despite health education on epilepsy given to the community, a minority of subjects were treated with AEDs, which may reflect the inadequacies of the health services and transportation difficulties faced by the patients [31].
  • We assessed the impact of a health education course on infant feeding practices in the West Bank territories by comparing mothers who had attended the course (n = 102) with mothers not exposed to the course (n = 133) [32].
  • OBJECTIVES: This study evaluated an anti-tobacco campaign targeting Vietnamese men in San Francisco, Calif. METHODS: The intervention included Vietnamese-language media, health education materials, and activities targeting physicians, youth, and businesses [33].


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