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Total parenteral nutrition: a concurrent drug utilization review.

University Hospital, a 428-bed tertiary care teaching hospital, treats approximately 150 patients annually with TPN. Currently used are three standard TPN base formulae which are ordered by physicians using preprinted TPN order forms. A concurrent Drug Utilization Review (DUR) was conducted on TPN treatment of 30 patients, to examine adherence to the current TPN protocol. Criteria for evaluation included ruling out enteral feeding, indications for TPN use, duration of therapy, monitoring of laboratory values, and caloric delivery. Physician and dietician estimation of caloric needs were compared to calories actually ordered by the physician. The number of pharmacist interventions and TPN bags wasted were also determined. Results could not be obtained with respect to ruling out enteral feeding and indications for TPN therapy due to inadequate information. The five-day minimum for duration of TPN therapy established in the DUR criteria was not attained in 23 percent (7/30) of patients. Seventy-seven percent of laboratory monitoring tests were completed. Results indicate wide disparities in caloric calculation and delivery; only 45 percent (10/22) of the patients who were ordered TPN met the physician's caloric goal. A number of recommendations were made to improve the TPN protocol and TPN therapy.[1]


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