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Hospitals, Teaching

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  • We obtained detailed data from seven teaching hospitals in New York City on patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis--defined as tuberculosis resistant at least to isoniazid and rifampin--who were HIV-negative on serologic testing [10].
  • Health Policy report. Moment of truth for the teaching hospitals [11].
  • SETTING: Three university and 1 community teaching hospital in Boston, Mass, Pittsburgh, Pa, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. PATIENTS: Six hundred eighty-six adults hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia [12].
  • One year's experience (56 cases) in the use of un-cross-matched blood for emergency transfusion in a large civilian teaching hospital showed that 49 transfusions were given as un-cross-matched, group-specific (ABO and Rh) blood in emergencies [13].
  • METHODS: 203 consecutive patients with ischaemic stroke were treated with intravenous alteplase within 3 h of symptom onset in two North American teaching hospitals [14].

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  • SETTING: Large teaching hospital, Northern England. PATIENTS: Monocyte HLA-DR and cytokine mRNA expression was determined in 32 of 48 consecutive patients undergoing elective major resectional surgery [24].
  • After extensive assessment at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Michigan State University, the clinical signs were attributed to an aldosterone-secreting tumor of the adrenal gland [25].
  • The specimens were collected over a 3-year period in the laboratories at our large teaching hospital in Seoul, Republic of Korea. RESULTS: Normal colonic epithelium either failed to express or showed focal weak expression of S100A4 [26].
  • An eighteen month old female Doberman pinscher dog was referred to teaching hospital of Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with the complaint of right forelimb lameness for a month [27].
  • OBJECTIVES: To study the characteristics of lower limb injuries among motorcyclists involved in RTA, who present to the Department of Emergency Medicine of an urban, tertiary, teaching hospital for treatment [28].

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