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Drug Utilization

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Gene context of Drug Utilization

  • The method of DDD (defined daily dose) was used to determine the drug utilization of NSAIDs and H2-blockers in two randomly chosen hospitals in Sofia during the last year period [16].
  • First results of PEGASUS confirm that drug utilization during pregnancy is rather common-85% of women use at least one preparation [17].
  • METHODS: A drug utilization study using WHO methodology [Anatomical-Therapeutic-Chemical classification/defined daily doses (ATC/DDD)] was made [18].
  • Conclusions - Antiepileptic drug utilization increased during the study period, the increase probably caused by expanding use in areas other than epilepsy [19].
  • CMS continues to monitor drug utilization and expenditures in all of its programs in order to ensure that care is rendered in a cost-effective manner that is beneficial to the patient [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Drug Utilization


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