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Expression of a new isoform of the tumor susceptibility TSG101 protein lacking a leucine zipper domain in Burkitt lymphoma cell lines.

The tumor susceptibility gene, TSG101, has been identified as a candidate tumor suppressor gene. We have examined the expression of TSG101 in Burkitt lymphoma cell lines. Several aberrant messages were detected in all cell lines. Aberrant splice donor sites are located within exon 1 at positions 132, 154, 172 and 284. Splice acceptors are located at positions 847 and 1054 within exon 5. The aberrant messages are coexpressed with a normal message and could be the result of additional splicing reactions of the mature message that behaves as an intermediate. The normal message codes for 46 kDa protein (TSG101A). One aberrant message joins in frame nucleotides 283-1055 and codes for a protein isoform of 17 kDa (TSG101B), as demonstrated by in vitro translation assays. The TSG101B isoform lacks the leucine zipper near the C-terminus, a transcriptional repressor domain, and retains most of the N-terminal region which has homology to E2 ubiquitin regulatory enzymes and the CROC-1 transcriptional regulator. The TSG101B isoform was detected in sixteen out of twenty-two (72%) BL cell lines, but not in normal lymphoid populations. The presence of two TSG101 isoforms with different dimerization potential opens up a new level of regulation of the TSG101 proteins possibly affecting cell cycle regulation.[1]


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