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Activity in monomers of human cytomegalovirus protease.

Herpesvirus proteases require dimerization for activity, although crystallographic data indicate that each monomeric subunit possesses a well-separated and complete active site. This suggests that dimerization stabilizes the monomeric protease subunits in an active conformation. Chemical cross-linking with disuccinimidyl glutarate was used to capture human cytomegalovirus protease in its various conformations. The cross-linked protease retained activity under mildly chaotropic conditions (0.25 to 0.75 M urea) in contrast to non-cross-linked protease which lost activity. Identification of active protease species by incorporation of radioactive diisopropylfluorophosphate showed that in addition to cross-linked dimers, cross-linked protease monomers were responsible for a significant fraction of the total protease activity. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that herpesvirus protease activation occurs by stabilization of an active conformer in the dimer.[1]


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