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Retinal hamartoma in oral-facial-digital syndrome.

Only recently have intraocular findings been described in oral-facial-digital syndrome (OFDS), including 5 cases of chorioretinal colobomas and 1 case of optic nerve coloboma. We report a case of a new ocular anomaly associated with this syndrome: a retinal hamartoma in a male infant with OFDS. The patient had bilateral retinal masses that were suspicious for retinoblastoma because of a family history of retinoblastoma. Physical examination and imaging studies of the retinal masses could not differentiate between retinoblastoma, hamartoma, or persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous. Subsequent pathologic study of an enucleated globe was diagnostic of a retinal hamartoma. This case further illustrates the heterogeneity of ocular anomalies in OFDS and underscores the importance of a complete ophthalmologic evaluation in patients with this syndrome.[1]


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