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Pancreaticobiliary cancer: the future aspects of medical oncology.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most common and most lethal cancers in the Western world with a median survival of approximately 3 months. Thus far, the results of anti-cancer treatment have been dismal, with a median survival of only 20 months in resectable pancreatic cancer, and 6 months in advanced disease. Although combined chemoradiation results in improved local control, it has only a modest impact on survival due to the development of distal metastases. In this review we will discuss the progress made in the treatment of pancreatic cancer over the past few years and discuss future therapies such as: immunoradiotherapy, matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors, anti-angiogenesis therapies, gene therapy, immunotherapy, ONYX-015, and farnesylation inhibitors.[1]


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