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Western World

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  • Mutations in PTCH1 lead to constitutive expression of HH target genes and a relationship between mutated PTCH1 and the most common tumor form in the Western world, Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) has been clearly established [27].
  • BACKGROUND: Prostate cancer (PRCA) is the most common cancer in males in the western world [28].
  • BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Celiac disease is the most common severe food intolerance in the Western world and is due to gluten ingestion in genetically susceptible children and adults [29].
  • This study shows that the prevalence of CD in the Turkish population is relatively high in comparison to that in the Western world [30].
  • T11/emm89, T28/emm28, TB3264/emm13w, and TNT/emm58 were predominant among 80 skin isolates. emm-type distribution observed in the present study was that usually reported in the western world [31].

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