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Long-term stability of 8-methoxypsoralen in ointments for topical PUVA therapy ('Cream-PUVA').

8-Methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) is an established photochemotherapeutic agent for PUVA therapy. Recently, a so-called 'cream-PUVA' modality was introduced into therapy of psoriasis and other dermatoses. Little is known, however, about the stability of 8-MOP in ointments used for the topical application of this compound. Therefore, we investigated the long-term stability of 8-MOP in three different ointments, Unguentum Cordes(TM), Cold Cream Naturel(TM) and a water-containing gel on the basis of Carbopol 940. All three ointments were prepared with 8-MOP concentrations of 0.05 and 0.005%, and stored over 12 weeks at room temperature (19-20 degrees C) and at 5 degrees C. 8-MOP concentrations were measured at days 1, 8, 15, 29, 57 and 88 after preparation by thin-layer chromatography (TLC). The ointments were dissolved in an organic solvent, 10 microl were transferred onto the TLC plate and the chromatograms were developed first in toluene and then in toluene/ethyl acetate 2:1 v/v to resolve 8-MOP from the ointment constituents. The peak heights of 8-MOP were used for quantitation. The intraday variabilities are <3% for Unguentum Cordes and Cold Cream Naturel and <6% for the Carbopol 940 gel. The interday variabilities were <6.3% in all cases. In Unguentum Cordes and Cold Cream Naturel the concentrations of 8-MOP remain stable, but in Unguentum Cordes the emulsion began to break up after 8 weeks. In the Carbopol gel, only about 40% of the nominal concentrations of 8-MOP were found and they decrease significantly at storage at 5 degrees C. We conclude that the Carbopol gel seems to be unsuitable for PUVA therapy, whereas Cold Cream Naturel shows the best results.[1]


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