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Identification of nodulation promoter (nod-box) regions of Rhizobium galegae.

A hybridisation analysis of a genomic clone library of Rhizobium galegae HAMBI 1174 located four EcoRI fragments homologous to the nod-box promoter sequence of Sinorhizobium meliloti in two separate gene regions. Two of the five nod-boxes detected in the R. galegae genome were carried on a single cosmid clone, pRg30, upstream from the nodABCIJ and nodF genes, whereas the other three nod-boxes were carried on a different cosmid clone, pRg10. Hybridisations with various nod gene probes from S. meliloti and Rhizobium leguminosarum species detected a nodD homolog in pRg10. The sequence data obtained from regions adjacent to each nod-box in pRg10 confirmed the presence of a second nodD in the R. galegae genome and, in addition, revealed the presence of nodN, nodU, dctA nifH and nifQ-like genes in pRg10. Thus, by using a promoter-specific nod-box probe we could identify a new region carrying genes involved in nitrogen fixation and host specificity functions.[1]


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