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Effect of post-thaw cell rehydration at 4 degrees C on survival of frozen and vitrified IVP-derived bovine embryos.

In vitro-produced bovine embryos (IVP) were either frozen in 10% glycerol in a phosphate-buffered saline solution (PBS) using conventional slow freezing or vitrified in 25% glycerol and 25% ethylene glycol in PBS. The results of viability and hatching rates were compared between frozen and vitrified embryos after thawing and dilution using one of three different protocols: (A) a three-step dilution procedure, (B) a one-step dilution procedure or (C) a procedure in which embryos were kept in situ inside the straw at 4 degrees C for 10 min during a one-step dilution procedure. No significant differences in embryo survival were found among protocols A, B and C for frozen embryos and between protocols A and B for vitrified embryos. Viability and hatching rates of vitrified embryos thawed and diluted by protocol C (73 and 62%) were significantly enhanced (P < 0.05) in comparison to those obtained with protocol A (55 and 41.6%) or protocol B (54.5 and 35.3%). These results indicate that for vitrified IVP bovine embryos, direct in-straw rehydration at 4 degrees C for 10 min improves embryo survival and it could be a practical procedure for use under field conditions where there is sometimes a longer interval between thawing and transfer.[1]


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