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Structural characteristics of oversulfated chondroitin/dermatan sulfates in the fibrous lesions of the liver with cirrhosis.

The structural characteristics of oversulfated chondroitin/dermatan sulfates (C/DSs) in the fibrous lesions of the rat liver with cirrhosis were examined. Long-Evans Cinnamon rats were subjected to the present study as the model animals with cirrhosis. The serial polyester wax sections of liver with cirrhosis were processed into the fibrous lesions and the nonfibrous lesions. The oversulfated C/DSs in the tissue sections on a glass slide were degraded to unsaturated disaccharides by chondroitinase ABC and ACII digestion in the presence of bacterial collagenase. Subsequently, the resulting unsaturated disaccharides were determined by the reversed-phase ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorometric postcolumn derivatization using 2-cyanoacetamide as a reagent. Through these in situ investigations, we found some facts as follows: (i) in the fibrous lesion, the remarkable increase of the oversulfated C/DSs content and the decrease of the oversulfation degree of the C/DSs were observed compared with those in the nonfibrous lesion, (ii) the proportion of the iduronic acid content in the C/DSs in the fibrous lesion was significantly low compared with that in the nonfibrous lesion, and (iii) in the nonfibrous lesion close to the fibrous lesion, both quantitative and qualitative alterations of C/DSs were not observed at all. These findings indicate that the oversulfated C/DSs with low iduronic acid content are possible marker for the fibrogenesis of liver with cirrhosis.[1]


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