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Cloning, expression, and physical mapping of the 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase gene cluster (HSD3BP1-HSD3BP5) in human.

Seven members of the human 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3beta-HSD) gene family (HGMW-approved symbols HSD3BP1-HSD3BP5) have been cloned and physically mapped. HSD3B1 and 2 express 3beta-HSD enzymes; HSD3Bpsi1-5 are unprocessed pseudogenes that are closely related to HSD3B1 and 2 but contain no corresponding open reading frames. mRNA is expressed from psi4 and psi5 in several tissues, but with altered splice sites that disrupt reading frames. A 0.5-Mb contig of 3 yeast artificial chromosome and 32 bacterial artificial chromosome genomic clones contained no additional members of the gene family. The seven genes and pseudogenes mapped within 230 kb in the order HSD3Bpsi5-psi4-psi3-HSD3B1-psi1-psi2 -HSD3B2. HSD3B1 and 2 are in direct repeat, 100 kb apart. Six HSD3B2 mutations involve substitutions that are present in several of the pseudogenes. In four cases, mutations arose in CpG sites that are conserved within the gene cluster. The tendency for CpG sites to mutate by transition provides an adequate explanation for these HSD3B2 mutations, which are unlikely to be due to recombination or conversion within the gene family.[1]


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