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Cyclin A and B functions in the early Drosophila embryo.

In eukaryotes, mitotic cyclins localize differently in the cell and regulate different aspects of the cell cycle. We investigated the relationship between subcellular localization of cyclins A and B and their functions in syncytial preblastoderm Drosophila embryos. During early embryonic cycles, cyclin A was always concentrated in the nucleus and present at a low level in the cytoplasm. Cyclin B was predominantly cytoplasmic, and localized within nuclei only during late prophase. Also, cyclin B colocalized with metaphase but not anaphase spindle microtubules. We changed maternal gene doses of cyclins A and B to test their functions in preblastoderm embryos. We observed that increasing doses of cyclin B increased cyclin B-Cdk1 activity, which correlated with shorter microtubules and slower microtubule-dependent nuclear movements. This provides in vivo evidence that cyclin B-Cdk1 regulates microtubule dynamics. In addition, the overall duration of the early nuclear cycles was affected by cyclin A but not cyclin B levels. Taken together, our observations support the hypothesis that cyclin B regulates cytoskeletal changes while cyclin A regulates the nuclear cycles. Varying the relative levels of cyclins A and B uncoupled the cytoskeletal and nuclear events, so we speculate that a balance of cyclins is necessary for proper coordination during these embryonic cycles.[1]


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