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Zic1 regulates the patterning of vertebral arches in cooperation with Gli3.

Skeletal abnormalities are described that appeared in Zic1-deficient mice. These mice show multiple abnormalities in the axial skeleton. The deformities are severe in the dorsal parts of the vertebrae, vertebral arches, but less so in the vertebral bodies (spina bifida occulta). The proximal ribs are deformed having ectopic processes. The abnormalities found in the vertebral arches can be traced back to disturbed segmental patterns of dorsal sclerotome. The Zic1/Gli3 double mutants showed severe abnormalities of vertebral arches not found in single mutants. The abnormalities in the vertebral arches were less severe in Zic1/Pax1 mutants than Zic1/Gli3 mutants, but significantly more pronounced than in Zic1 single mutants. The three genes may act synergistically in the development of the vertebral arches.[1]


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