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Deleterious effect of null phenoloxidase mutation on the survival rate in Drosophila melanogaster.

The effect of null activity of phenoloxidase on the survival rate was investigated in mutants of Drosophila melanogaster. MoxGM95 and Dox-3KD95, structural genes for prophenoloxidase A1 and A3, were found in natural populations in the former Soviet Union, and affected the phenoloxidase activity in active A1 or A3, respectively. After linking the visible markers located on the second chromosome together with the variants, cross experiments were performed to make homozygote, rdo Dox-3KD95 pr C MoxGM95 wt. No double mutant had emerged. In the mutant, c MoxGM95 wt Pu2, the viability was greatly reduced. These results suggested that phenoloxidase and tyrosine-3-hydroxylase act as indispensable proteins to maintain life in Drosophila.[1]


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