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Do pipecuronium and rocuronium affect human bronchial smooth muscle?

BACKGROUND: Muscle relaxants affect nicotinic and muscarinic receptors. Interaction of muscle relaxants with muscarinic receptors of human airways has been studied incompletely. METHODS: The effects of pipecuronium bromide (long-acting, nondepolarizing) and rocuronium bromide (intermediate-acting, nondepolarizing) on prejunctional and postjunctional muscarinic receptors were studied in 96 isolated human bronchial rings from 12 patients. Contractile isometric responses to electric field stimulation of pilocarpine-stimulated and nonstimulated M2 muscarinic receptors were compared before and after incubation with the two muscle relaxants. The effect on postjunctional muscarinic receptors was studied by comparing acetylcholine concentration-response curves before and after incubation with the two muscle relaxants. RESULTS: Pipecuronium bromide, but not rocuronium bromide, inhibited pilocarpine-stimulated prejunctional M2 muscarinic receptors. Neither pipecuronium bromide nor rocuronium bromide had significant inhibitory effects on nonstimulated M2 muscarinic receptors and on postjunctional M3 muscarinic receptors. CONCLUSIONS: The inhibitory effect of pipecuronium bromide on pilocarpine-stimulated prejunctional M2 muscarinic receptors occurred at clinical concentrations.[1]


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