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The role of renal salvage procedures for bilateral Wilms tumor: a 15-year review.

PURPOSE: We reviewed our experience with renal salvage procedures in patients with bilateral Wilms tumor to determine the clinical outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From 1982 to 1997, 23 children with bilateral Wilms tumor were treated with partial nephrectomy at our institution, including 7 who were also treated with brachytherapy. Medical history, use and response to chemotherapy and brachytherapy, operative records, renal function, pathological results, survival, and techniques for partial and repeat nephrectomy and brachytherapy were reviewed. RESULTS: We treated 8 boys and 15 girls, of whom 21 who presented with synchronous bilateral Wilms tumor underwent primary chemotherapy followed by secondary partial nephrectomy. A total of 44 partial nephrectomies were performed and brachytherapy was done in 7 patients. Ten children have normal renal function and no disease, 10 are dead and 2 have metastatic disease. Anaplasia was the most significant factor associated with an unfavorable outcome (p = 0.003). Of the patients who were cured 60% had a positive response to initial chemotherapy compared with only 25% who had an unfavorable outcome (p = 0.09). No significant differences were noted with respect to gender, age at presentation, highest local tumor stage at presentation or initial nephrectomy. No patient treated with brachytherapy had local recurrence. CONCLUSIONS: Preoperative chemotherapy followed by nephron sparing surgery is indicated in patients with bilateral Wilms tumor, while in those with diffuse anaplasia nephron sparing surgery is contraindicated. Brachytherapy should be considered for treating local disease involving chemoresistant tumors.[1]


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