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A 1-Mb PAC contig spanning the common eliminated region 1 (CER1) in microcell hybrid-derived SCID tumors.

We have developed an elimination test to identify chromosomal regions that contain tumor inhibitory genes. Monochromosomal human/mouse microcell hybrids are generated and passaged through SCID mice. Derived tumors are then analyzed for deletions on the transgenomic chromosome. Using this strategy, we have previously identified a 1.6-cM common eliminated region 1 (CER1) on human 3p21. 3. We now report that CER1 contains 14 markers that are deleted in 19 SCID-derived tumors. A 1-Mb PAC contig that spans CER1 was assembled. Five chemokine receptor genes ( CCR1, CCR3, CCR2, CCR5, and CCR6) were localized in CER1 in a 225-kb cluster. The lactotransferrin gene ( LTF, or lactoferrin, LF), which reportedly has tumor inhibitory activity, also maps to CER1. Our results create a basis for characterization and further functional testing of genes within CER1.[1]


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