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Synthesis of structured triacylglycerols by lipase-catalyzed acidolysis in a packed bed bioreactor.

Structured triacylglycerols (ST) from canola oil were produced by enzymatic acidolysis in a packed bed bioreactor. A commercially immobilized 1,3-specific lipase, Lipozyme IM, from Rhizomucormiehei, was the biocatalyst and caprylic acid the acyl donor. Parameters such as substrate flow rate, substrate molar ratio, reaction temperature, and substrate water content were examined. High-performance liquid chromatography was used to monitor the reaction and product yields. The study showed that all of the parameters had effects on the yields of the expected di-incorporated (dicaprylic) ST products. Flow rates below 1 mL/min led to reaction equilibrium, and lower flow rates did not raise the incorporation of caprylic acid and the product yield. Incorporation of caprylic acid and the targeted di-incorporated ST was increased by approximately 20% with temperature increase from 40 to 70 degrees C. Increasing the substrate molar ratio from 1:1 to 7:1 increased the incorporation of caprylic acid and the product yield slightly. Water content in the substrate also had a mild influence on the reaction. Water content at 0.08% added to the substrate gave the lowest incorporation and product yield. The use of solvent in the medium was also studied, and results demonstrated that it did not increase the reaction rate at 55 degrees C when 33% hexane (v/v) was added. The main fatty acids at the sn-2 position of the ST were C(18:1), 54. 7 mol %; C(18:2), 30.7 mol %; and C(18:3), 11.0 mol %.[1]


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