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Chemical Compound Review

Lipamide     5-(dithiolan-3-yl)pentanamide

Synonyms: Lipoacin, Lipoamid, Lipoicin, Lipozyme, Lypoaran, ...
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Disease relevance of Thioctamid


High impact information on Thioctamid


Biological context of Thioctamid

  • The enzymatic hydrolysis of the oil was carried out in supercritical carbon dioxide using lipase Lipozyme as catalyst and changes in the composition of acylglycerols were recorded [9].
  • The objective of this research was to study the kinetics of synthesis of a commercially important ester - Isopropyl Palmitate (IPP) using immobilized lipase (Lipozyme IM) [10].

Associations of Thioctamid with other chemical compounds

  • Esterification of rapeseed oil fatty acids with glycerol in vacuo at 60 degrees C, catalyzed by Lipozyme RM and lipases from Thermomyces lanuginosus (Lipozyme TL IM) and Candida antarctica (lipase B, Novozym 435), also provided diacylglycerols, however, to a lower extent (40-45%) [11].
  • At shake-flask level, maximum yields of 37.5 and 40% were observed in case of palmitoyl and stearoyl lactic acids, respectively, with Lipozyme IM20; at bench-scale level, the maximum yields were 85.1 and 99% respectively, when PPL was employed [7].
  • A commercially immobilized 1,3-specific lipase, Lipozyme IM, from Rhizomucormiehei, was the biocatalyst and caprylic acid the acyl donor [12].
  • The 1,3-regiospecifique lipase, Lipozyme IM, catalyzed the esterification of lauric acid and glycerol in a homogeneous system [13].

Gene context of Thioctamid


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