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Expression of Chx10 and Chx10-1 in the developing chicken retina.

We have isolated full-length cDNAs of chick Chx10 and Chx10-1, two members of the paired type homeobox/CVC gene family. A comparison of sequences suggests that Chx10 is closely related to Alx/Vsx-2 and Vsx-2 of zebrafish and goldfish, respectively; while Chx10-1 is closely related to Vsx-1 of zebrafish and goldfish. Chx10 and Chx10-1 are expressed in the early retinal neuroepithelium, but not in the pigment epithelium and lens. The expression of Chx10 is present in most retinal neuroblasts, while Chx10-1 exhibits a novel pattern along the nasotemporal border. In the differentiating retina, both Chx10 and Chx10-1 are restricted to bipolar cells and are maintained at a low level in bipolar cells of the mature retina.[1]


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