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Pathological gambling and DNA polymorphic markers at MAO-A and MAO-B genes.

This study was conducted to detect a possible association of MAOA and/or MAOB genes with pathological gambling (PG). DNA polymorphisms in MAOA and MAOB genes were screened by molecular analysis in 68 individuals (47 males and 21 females) meeting ICD-10 and DSM-IV criteria for pathological gambling and 68 healthy comparison controls matched for age and sex. There were no significant differences between pathological gamblers and healthy volunteers in overall allele distribution at the MAOA gene polymorphism. However there was a significant association between allele distribution and the subgroup of severe male gamblers (n = 31) compared to the males in the group of healthy volunteers (chi2 = 5246; df = 1; P < 0.05 [Bonferroni corrected]). No association was found between the MAOB polymorphic marker and PG. Allele variants at the MAOA, but not the MAOB gene may be a genetic liability factor in PG, at least in severe male gamblers. Molecular Psychiatry(2000) 5, 105-109.[1]


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