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Interplay between CDC2 kinase and MAP kinase pathway during maturation of mammalian oocytes.

Two principal kinases, p34cdc2 kinase and MAP kinase play a pivotal role in maturation of mammalian oocytes. In the porcine and bovine oocytes both kinases are activated around the time of germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD). Butyrolactone I (BL I), a specific inhibitor of cdk kinases, prevents effectively and reversibly resumption of meiosis in the porcine and bovine oocytes. Neither p34cdc2 kinase nor MAP kinase are activated in oocytes inhibited in the GV stage. The bovine oocytes maintained for 48 h in the medium supplemented with BL I, progress subsequently to metaphase II in 91%, their cumuli expand optimally and after in vitro fertilization they possess two pronuclei. When the cdc2 kinase is blocked in the porcine oocytes by BL I, MAP kinase, activated by okadaic acid treatment, is able to substitute cdc2 kinase and induce GVBD. The histone H1 kinase activity sharply decreases in the metaphase II oocytes treated by BL I and one or two female pronuclei are formed. These data indicate that BL I is a useful tool either for the two step in vitro culture of mammalian oocytes or for their activation in nuclear transfer experiments.[1]


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