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Gravitational effects on volume distribution in a model of partial and total liquid ventilation.

To estimate regional lung volume during ventilation with liquids (e. g. perfluorochemicals, PFC) we developed a multi-compartment mathematical model of a lung and thorax. The height of the fluid column and the fluid's density determine alveolar pressure (PA). The weight of thoracic contents above any given gravitational plane influences pleural pressure ( PPL). Transpulmonary pressure (PTP=PA−PPL) and compliance of the lung and chest wall permit estimation of volumes. The results indicate the lung inflates almost uniformly during total liquid ventilation despite a substantial vertical PA gradient. Inflation uniformity is due to the offsetting vertical PPL gradient created by the added weight of the PFC and sustained by the relative rigidity of the chest wall. During partial liquid ventilation our model indicates that the combination of uniform PA with a large vertical gradient in PPL leads to a vertical PTP gradient and therefore relative over-inflation of the top of the lung. This effect increases with increasing PFC dose and with lung height.[1]


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