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Acceptance and self-reported use of national occupational medicine practice guidelines.

The authors conducted a survey to ascertain post-training attitudes and self-reported use of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine occupational medicine practice guidelines. Trainees were surveyed 3 to 4 months after completing a case-based practice ACOEM occupational practice guidelines seminar. Of 96 physician respondents, 95% reported that the guidelines improved their practice in some manner. Fifty-two percent of physicians thought that guideline use decreased medical costs. Seventy-one percent reported that their care complied with the guidelines in 70% or more of their cases; however, "actually considering the guidelines in particular cases" was reported by only 47%. Discussion of cases was frequent (92%) and involved physicians, patients, and other health care providers. We concluded that physicians' attitudes toward the guidelines are positive and that reported compliance is high. Guidelines are discussed frequently.[1]


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