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Practice Guidelines

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  • Recent articles and editorials, as well as practice guidelines prepared by the College of American Pathologists, recommend screening for HH with transferrin saturation and ferritin testing, and with percutaneous liver biopsy for those with positive laboratory test results [31].
  • The laboratory variable whose measurements are quite often recommended in the 10 clinical practice guidelines or in the four related systematic reviews that we retrieved are carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and liver function tests to a lesser extent [32].
  • Although not all women receiving aromatase inhibitors will require additional treatment for bone health, postmenopausal women with a history of breast cancer at risk of osteoporosis should be identified, monitored, and managed according to practice guidelines [33].
  • Adult patients are increasingly seeking treatment for the symptoms of ADHD, and physicians need practice guidelines [34].
  • The European Survey of Anaemia Management 2003 (ESAM 2003) was a 1 day randomized survey conducted to assess anaemia management in dialysis patients 4 years after the introduction of the European Best Practice Guidelines [35].

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