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The relationship between EAP and EABR thresholds and levels used to program the nucleus 24 speech processor: data from adults.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between electrically evoked whole nerve action potential ( EAP) and electrical auditory brain stem response (EABR) thresholds and MAP threshold (T-level) and maximum comfort level (C-level) for subjects who use the Nucleus 24 cochlear implant system. DESIGN: Forty-four adult Nucleus 24 cochlear implant users participated in this study. EAP thresholds were recorded using the Neural Response Telemetry System developed by Cochlear Corporation. EABR thresholds were measured for a subset of 14 subjects using standard evoked potential techniques. These physiologic thresholds were collected on a set of five electrodes spaced across the cochlea, and were then compared with behavioral measures of T-level and C-level used to program the speech processor. RESULTS: EAP thresholds were correlated with MAP T- and C-levels; however, the correlation was not strong. A technique for improving the correlation by combining measures of T- and C-levels made on one electrode with the EAP thresholds was presented. Correlations between predicted and measured T- and C-levels using this technique were 0.83 and 0.77, respectively. Similar results were obtained using the EABR thresholds for a smaller set of subjects. In general, EABR thresholds were recorded at levels that were approximately 4.7 programming units lower than EAP thresholds. CONCLUSIONS: Either EAP or EABR thresholds can be used in combination with a limited amount of behavioral information to predict MAP T- and C-levels with reasonable accuracy.[1]


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