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Elevated levels of RanBP7 mRNA in colorectal carcinoma are associated with increased proliferation and are similar to the transcription pattern of the proto-oncogene c-myc.

We have used suppression subtractive hybridisation, "in silico" cloning and reverse Northern dot blot analysis to identify significant up-regulation of RanBP7 transcription in a human colorectal carcinoma. Quantitative RT-PCR analyses using the Taqman system demonstrated that RanBP7 mRNA levels were elevated in 47/75 colorectal tumours. There was no significant difference in 17 matched normal and tumour pairs and reduced levels in 11. Since RanBP7 specifies a key member of nuclear transport receptors responsible for the nuclear import of histone H1 and ribosomal proteins, we investigated whether this up-regulation might be proliferation-associated. RanBP7 mRNA copy numbers were significantly correlated with those of proliferating cell nuclear antigen in both normal and cancer tissue. Interestingly, the transcription pattern of the proto-oncogene c-myc showed a similar correlation with PCNA mRNA. Our results highlight the need for the careful interpretation of quantitative data that compare mRNA levels in normal and cancer tissue.[1]


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