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Adolescence: macronutrient needs.

Dietary needs during adolescence lack specific definitions, and most evidence is derived from indirect indications. The data on dietary needs for energy and proteins are mainly extrapolated from subjects in other age-classes. Lipids and carbohydrates are being progressively considered for preventive purposes since the qualitative distribution of saturated and unsaturated fats and slowly and rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, respectively, seems to be associated with metabolic index predictors of degenerative disorders in later stages of life. The recent results of multicentric autoptic studies in young people from the US indicate that the lipoprotein status of the second decade of life is associated with the first raised arterial lesions in the third decade. The evidence of these links needs further confirmation from ongoing surveys. We must recognize that adolescence is a critical period of life, and food fads may deeply change the dietary habits acquired within the familiar group. As nutritionists, we may suggest that all adolescents should be supplied with nutritional support in terms of education, maybe at school, to improve their knowledge of nutrition.[1]


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