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Alteration of glucose metabolism in the spinal cord of experimental lead poisoning rats: microdetermination of glucose utilization rate and distribution volume.

To examine the effects of lead on glucose metabolism in the spinal cord, glucose utilization rate (GUR) and distribution volume of glucose (DV) in the anterior horn and white matter were determined in 9 rats exposed to lead for 4 weeks and 10 control rats. The GUR and DV were determined by the quantitative microdetermination method using non-tracer amount of 2-deoxyglucose based on the three-compartments model of Sokoloff. The GUR and DV in the anterior horn in the lead-exposed rats were significantly lower than those in the controls. It is thus suggested that glucose metabolism, as measured by the GUR and DV, in the anterior horn is inhibited by lead; the anterior horn cells seem sensitive to lead neurotoxicity.[1]


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