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Identification of a human lactoferrin-binding protein in Gardnerella vaginalis.

Previous studies have shown that Gardnerella vaginalis can utilize iron-loaded human lactoferrin as a sole source of iron. In this study, G. vaginalis cells were shown to bind digoxigenin (DIG)-labeled human lactoferrin in a dot blot assay. Using the DIG-labeled human lactoferrin, a 120-kDa human lactoferrin-binding protein was detected by Western blot analysis of G. vaginalis proteins. The lactoferrin-binding activity of this protein was found to be heat stable. Competition studies indicated that this binding activity was specific for human lactoferrin. Treatment of G. vaginalis cells with proteases suggested that this protein was surface exposed. An increase in lactoferrin binding by the 120-kDa protein was observed in G. vaginalis cells grown under iron-restrictive conditions, suggesting that this activity may be iron regulated.[1]


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